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Fun Facts on Popcorn

  • Each year Americans consume a whooping 16 billion quarts of popcorn
  • Popcorn can be a healthy whole grain snack depending on how it is cooked
  • Air popped popcorn has only 31Kcal per cup
  • Most of America’s popcorn is grown in the Mid west
  • The peak time to eat popcorn is in the fall maybe the reason why National Popcorn Day is January 19th
  • Did you know that the most used button on your microwave is the popcorn one!
  • Popcorn can pop as high as 3 feet!
  • 70% of popcorn eaten is at home
  • In 1885 Charles Cretors invented the popcorn machine
  • Popcorn contains fiber, potassium, vitamin B1 and B2
  • The flavor combinations for popcorn are endless

So the time time you hit the popcorn button on your microwave or pop it on the stove what flavor will your make?


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Fun Facts on Lentils

  • Lentils are legumes and originated in central Asia
  • They were found in the tombs of the Ancient Egyptians in 2400BC
  • lentils come in all shapes and colors – brown, yellow, red and black
  • French lentils are known for a delicate taste and they hold their shape better after cooking
  • The optical lens is named after the Latin word for lentil
  • Lentils are wonderful nutritionally low in fat, high in protein, folate, phosphorus, fiber and iron
  • Lentils are used around the world and are particularly popular in Middle Eastern countries, Greece, France and India.
  • In the Middle East they are made with onions and garlic, in France often served with roasted meat and in India made into dal.
  • Lentils are easy to cook and don’t need soaking like dried beans
  • There is even a National Lentil Festival in Pullman Washington
  • The Soluble fiber in lentils helps keep your cholesterol down and blood sugars under control

Now with all these amazing facts and health benefits why not check out our wonderful selection of different lentils and have fun cooking ūüôā

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Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is an ancient spice grown in Asian countries.  It has long been viewed to have medicinal properties as the native Indian people often apply it to their skin and it is a big part of religious ceremonies.  Recently, scientists have found a compound called curcumin in turmeric to possibly have cancer fighting properties.  Curcumin also appears to prevent the spread of the amyloid protein involved in the development of dementia.  Researchers from Duke University claim that people who ate a curry type meal 2-3 times a week had a lower risk of developing dementia.  However, it is an observational study and the overall diet needs to be healthy.

Back in 2006, researchers also found that turmeric had an anti-inflammatory effect in the joints of animals, however more studies are currently underway in humans.  In fact the National Institute of health has some 19 studies underway to examine the benefits of the ancient spice.

Whatever the claimed benefit; one thing is for sure, turmeric is a wonderful color enhancer for many dishes and a vital ingredient for delicious curries.



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Tips for Storing Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices can make an ordinary dish extraordinary and are a must in a well stocked kitchen, but how long can they be stored?

Spices come from the roots, bark, and seeds while herbs¬†come from the leaves and seeds of plants. The shelf life of herbs and spices is very long, however their flavor and strength can diminish over time. Spices have a longer shelf life than herbs with whole spices staying fresh for up to 4 years. Once they have been ground they don’t last quite as long, maybe 1-2 years depending on how they have been stored. The same goes for herbs.


To ensure a long shelf life of your herbs and spices proper storage is crucial. It is vital that they be kept away from light, heat and air. The best storage is in air tight containers labeled with the date of storage kept in a cool dark place. You will find that our herbs and spices are more potent than restaurant blends and are a higher quality thus ensuring a longer shelf life.

Once in a while its a good to take a sniff and taste if its color is dull or less flavorful why not treat yourself to a new one!



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